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Harlequin October 2017
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
no 59 3rd Avenue Linbro Park Sandton 2090

EVENT DESCRIPTION Harlequin is the beginning of an amazing journey of self-discovery. It enables you to really get to know yourself and in doing...

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Front-end Developer
I must say, that I also have a really strange happyness inside a child getting a chocolade....and its alllllll for myself!!! I also want to thank you for jumping in without holding anything back. You will not believe how much I learned from listening to the things you guys say during our sessions. For the first time it feels like I can spill my beans without being judged!! How amazing full of surprizes is life??  Having lunch now. See you guys and girl later.


Art director
Guys, I have this love of the world feeling growing in me and it's something I haven't had for a LONG time! I got home these 2 mornings and was tired, yet energized at the same time. Spent hours talking with my wife again, really talking and sadly I can't really remember how long ago we did that. Lol, and freaking crying! I guess I just want to say thank you to all of you so far. For not judging,  for sharing, for teaching, for supporting.

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