How is it possible that
can make you Healthy?

Pulling back the Curtain

There is a cloud of woo, woo and voodoo surrounding personal development and it has really gotten a bad rap. It tends to stir up images of the classic hippie and flower child of the 70”s or witches and wizards with magic potions.

For the longest time, I thought the same thing.

I honestly thought that personal development was a load of hogwash and that it was only for those people who really need it. You know the ones whom I’m talking about – the crazy ones?

 When I heard that doing a personal development programme could make you healthier, I really thought that they had lost it. I really thought: “What a lot of rubbish.”

How can just doing a programme make you fitter, healthier, richer and live longer?

How can doing a personal development programme get you off drugs or alcohol, stop addictions and cure diseases etc…?

 Well it turns out that this is not as “Woo, Woo” or as esoteric as you might think. There is some real solid scientific evidence behind this now and when I found the answer I realised that it had been staring me in the face for years.

I found this answer in so many places and it is described in so many different ways, I had just never connected the dots.

It all comes down to our Brain Chemistry, our Immune System and our Thinking.


With the advances of imaging and technology Scientists have been able to study us in much greater detail. They are now able to see side us without cutting us open or waiting of us to die so that they can do an autopsy to see how we work. The difference is like studding a photograph of an event compared to a movie of what really happened and the discoveries are mind blowing.

As medical science has evolved and imaging and testing has become better and better, we are now able to measure and image so much more of what has previously being invisible to us.

Even with the studies of the brain, doctors or scientists have learned more about the brain in the last 12 years than we have learned in the last 100 years. Even the old idea that the brain only had a certain amount of brain cells and that if a brain cell died it was never replaced has been turned on its head and turns out to be so wrong and inaccurate that they are rewriting textbooks and medical journals.

Our brain does produce new brain cells and there is a process that can stimulate this new growth.

For more on this go check out the cutting edge works of the Scientists, Psychiatrists, Neuroscientists, Psychologists, Professors and Doctors etc…

I am just suggesting this because I do not want you to just take my word for it, I want you to look around. I suggest that if you really want to find out more about what is really going on inside of each and every one of us, go read all those books and study all the great science that is being discovered.

Go and discover how incredible we really are.

It is Science, not opinion, not voodoo or magic, it is real, tangible and predictable.

Of course you do not really have to do this, because I have done all the hard work for you.

For me to explain all of this I will need to take you on a bit of a journey, so come with me.


So how can this make you Healthier, Fitter, Live Longer, get Smarter, Stop Addictions and Cure Disease?

It WILL change your mind

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It all Starts in Your BRAIN

Let’s try and keep this as simple as we can, but to really know what is going on we will need to dive a little deeper into this and it might get a little technical or geeky. It will all make sense as we go along.

We all know that our Brain is central to everything. It is called The Central Nervous System.

We use this system when we think. Every time we think, we produce an electrical charge and we call this charge: Thought.

Each thought comprises of different component parts. There is the electrical part, there is the chemical part, there is the neuron, the synapse and there are peptides, the Neurotransmitters.

Each time we think or have a thought all of these systems fire off and they each produce certain ideas, feelings, emotions and states inside of us.

To think is to Practice Brain Chemistry.

It turns out: To think is to practice brain chemistry. This is literally true.

The mind uses pictures and language to think in and these are the electrical impulses within the brain or neuron. Neurons do not use language or English to talk to each other, they use peptides or Neurotransmitters to send signals and talk to each other. These Peptides are chemicals, so every time you think or have a thought, you are producing chemicals.

Thought is the currency of the mind and these thoughts produces Neurotransmitters which are the currency of the brain. Different thoughts produce different Neurotransmitters, which produce different states, feelings and emotions. This is how we make decisions and whether we like it or not, we base our decisions on our emotions.

So if you change how you are thinking, you change how you are feeling.

It gets WAY MORE interesting than this…

Your Immune System THINKS

It’s true your immune system is also thinking.

Studies of the Immune system and Immune cells have revealed that they also produce Neurotransmitters. When the cells of your Immune System, “talk” to the rest of your immune system, it makes Neuropeptides. It makes exactly the same Neuropeptides that your brain makes when you think, which means that your immune system is also thinking and that it literally has a mind of its own.

Your immune system has its own thoughts, its own ideas, its own emotions, its own awareness and its own consciousness.

Your Immune system makes decisions, because it needs to know what to do with each invader that comes into your body. It needs to know the difference between good cells and bad cells and it has all the experience that it needs. In a way this only makes sense.

Your immune system is ancient and has been around since the dawn of time and has been passed on to you, through your blood line.

This may sound like all kinds of woo, woo or esoteric nonsense to you, but it is now a scientific fact.

This Extends into Your Whole Body

You see, we have recently discovered that we have Neurons in our Gut and Neurons in our Heart. Actual brain Neurons, which are connected directly to our brain.

Our organs also have receptors for these thinking peptides or chemicals on them. No wonder for centuries we have been saying that we have a Gut feeling and my Heart feels.

For the longest time we have felt that they were there, but we never really knew that they were actually there. We just thought that it was our brain or it was just the way that we described things.

The nervous system includes both the Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System which is a complex network of nerves and cells that carry messages to and from the brain and spinal cord to various parts of the body. It carries messages beyond the Central Nervous System, because it circulates through you. So, a good Neuro-Biologist will tell you that the immune system is a circulating nervous system and it is aware.

This conversation of thought is going on, constantly between our Gut, our Heart, our Head and our Immune System, it is incredible…

This sort of explains how you know what is going on inside your body, your immune system is checking in on every part of your body and communicating with the rest of the immune system producing these peptides which your brain is picking up on and it can communicate this back to us.

For lack of a better word or description we have called this intuition?

We have these internal conversations and dialogue going on inside of us all the time.

We are talking to ourselves, but what are we talking about?

Your Immune System is Listening to Your Thoughts

This is no longer speculation, but medical and scientific fact.

Your immune systems is eavesdropping on your feelings, your inner voices and conversations all the time, whether you like it or not, whether you are aware of it or not. Your Immune System is listening in on your feelings, your wants, and your desires it is listening to the dialogue and voices in your head all the time.

It is responding to those inner voices and your Immune System is having a conversation of its own.

With practice, you can also start to listen in on that conversation.

Your immune system is directly connected to Your Thoughts

The Immune System keeps us healthy.

Our immune system IS THE system that protects us from diseases like cancer, the flu and the common cold.

But, how is it connected to our thoughts?

Well, if Thought is the Currency of the Mind and Neuropeptides are the physical or material equivalent of those thoughts, and your Immune System has receptors for these types of peptides, it means that your immune system can listening in on your thoughts.

It’s amazing, our immune system is listening in on our thoughts.

It has been doing this since the dawn of time, we have just not realised it, yet – Until NOW.

So we need to start watching what we are thinking and what we are saying to ourselves…

This Might Sound Crazy

Talking to yourself?

This might sound crazy, but talking to yourself is already crazy.

The questions are:

What are you saying to yourself? And: What are you thinking?

What is the conversation that repeats itself and continues to repeat itself in your head long after the argument has ended or even long before the fight starts?
Or maybe how are you feeling before that and what are you saying in your head when “they” are running late?

What is really going on inside your head when you are feeling down, anxious or depressed?

What is going on chemically when you are angry or feeling afraid?


How do you change this dialogue and stop the death spiral?

Well, you need to change your mind, you need to change your repetitive thoughts.

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Stop the Stinking Thinking

We are doing this unconsciously.

On average, most of us have about 60 000 conscious thoughts a day.

This is not surprising nor is it a problem, the problem is that 98% of those thoughts are the same thoughts that you had yesterday and the day before that. At least 85% of the thoughts you have today are the same as the thoughts that you had a few years or decades ago.

Your thoughts are simply a repeat of a consistent pattern that you repeat every day and if you repeat a pattern, you get the same result – That simple.

There is no significant change because you are still thinking the same old thoughts… Same thoughts, same days, same life, No Change.

Of course the problem is even bigger than this.

At least 98% of those repetitive thoughts are “negative” thoughts.

Negative in the way that they are unhealthy thoughts and thoughts which lead to conflict and unhappiness and often we spend our day warding off the negative consequences of these thoughts and we are not even aware of why our lives are becoming so difficult or unbearable.

We are constantly filtering through what we are experiencing on the inside and what we experiencing on the outside. This is in our conscious mind and our unconscious mind.

In fact there is a lot more to this, but remember we are keeping this as simple as we can…

Remember, Your Immune System is Listening…

So what can we do?

Well, we can rely on the miracle of modern medicine.

Modern medicine is what has given us the insights that we have been discussing.

The only thing is, modern medicine looks at the body from a very specific point of view.

It only sees the body as a very intricate Bio-Chemical meat machine.

In other words everything is physical and that includes the physical mechanics of your body, the physical structures of your body and the physical chemicals in your body. It does not look at the non-physical component – Your mind. From my experience it seldom takes into account your thoughts or your habitual patterns of behaviour. They leave that side up to the Psychologists, Psychiatrists and generally regard that as quackery…

So, everything is reduced to a pill, a chemical or an operation.

We all know that if you want to feel tranquil, you take a tranquiliser, if you have pain, you take a pain pill, if you want to sleep, take a sleeping pill and these all work.

This shows us the direct connection between chemicals and our state.

But, these chemicals never actually solve the problem, most of the time it irritates it. These external chemicals interfere with the natural chemicals in our bodies and because they come from the outside and are not produced inside the body they have very adverse and very negative side effects.

We know this. But we have become complacent and lazy, because it is so easy to pop a pill.

Hell, I’ve had a headache before and I’ve popped a headache pill, I’m not against it.

But what about the Placebo effect?

The PLACEBO Effect

The Placebo Effect is simply described as:

A beneficial effect, which cannot be attributed to the properties of the placebo, drug or treatment itself and must therefore be due to the patient’s belief in that treatment.

Now, hang on. Are you saying that the patient can experience the same benefit that a drug is supposed to produce, without even taking the drug? Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying.

This has baffled, confused and frustrated the medical community since the dawn of modern medicine.

So much so that most medical studies exclude these results.

What makes it worse is that Medical science could not explain it and this brings up a very real scientific mantra: If it cannot be explained, it does not exist.

And it must be re-creatable 100% of the time, otherwise it is not science, it is woo, woo or voodoo.

Now I know that this might sound crazy and yes we are being very general here, so calm down, but this has gone on in science and modern medicine ever since their inception.

In fact since the Placebo effect was discovered and researched “they”, the scientists have discovered a chemical to stop this effect. It is called: Naloxone and is sold under the brand name of Narcan.

This chemical or drug actually inhibits or blocks the Placebo effect.

Isn’t that interesting?

Based on general statistics, the Placebo effect happens in about 30% of the study group which means the chemical or drug is only effective in 70% of the actual study group which is taking the actual active chemical. That’s incredible.

But, of course these statistics are not filtered down to us, the layman, NO.

We just open our mouths and say: AAAAHH!

The Placebo Effect Explained

Based on what we have covered before, perhaps this opens the door to how and why the Placebo effect works.

Let’s look at that definition of the Placebo effect again:

A beneficial effect, which cannot be attributed to the properties of the placebo, drug or treatment itself and must therefore be due to the patient’s belief in that treatment.

So, what the medical community is suggesting, is that simply a change in belief may cure a patient?

In fact it is not really a Placebo effect at all. It is a change in belief a change in perspective or even as simple as changing your mind? If the mind believes it, it creates it.

But can the mind be so powerful? Well we have all heard of the term Psychosomatic?

This is where physical pain or illness is caused in the body by the mind.

So there is a mind body connection?

How can this be? And can this be explained?

Well, yes.

Your Immune System is listening to your mind.

So if you put illness into your mind, you may create illness, if you put HEALTH into your mind, you may create Health.

Now, just a note here: I am not a Doctor or a Geologist. I cannot give you medical advice or the physical properties of the solids and liquids that constitute the Earth. I am merely feeding back to you what has been discovered by the scientist and modern medicine and what I have personally discovered and experienced myself.

I have personally used medicine and I have had operations. I am not saying that medicine needs to be abandoned – NO.

There are many out there who really need this medication and you should always seek a professional opinion.

What I am saying and that the experts agree on, is that it is not always the answer.

There is proof and scientific studies that show this.

Your body is the Perfect Chemical Factory

Your body produces all the right chemicals in the correct dose, with zero side effects.

The only side effect from your own chemical factory is that you feel great and fantastic.

If you are not feeling great or fantastic, then something is a little out of balance and it needs to be rectified.

Interleukin2 has been found to be an effective treatment of certain cancers. It is a very expensive chemical and an expensive process to manufacture these Interleukins, but when these Interleukins are made inside the body, they are free.

A simple trip to an amusement park and going on a rollercoaster ride produces these Interleukins. As long as you enjoy this kind thing. If it is exhilarating and fun your body produces these healing and protective chemicals, it your interpretation of this experience, then your body will produce free radicals and harmful chemicals.

Based on your interpretation of your life, your experiences, your body produces chemicals in response to this. Your chemical factory responds to the operating system in your head.

With the awareness of this, you can do wonderful things, you can consciously invoke the healing powers within your body.

If you so wish, you can get off those drugs and chemicals that are messing up your system. You can stop putting that alcohol in your body and getting drunk, just to numb the pain of existence.

Of course this takes intense focus and you have to be vigilant, it is never a good idea to do anything on a whim and you will need to be supported.

If you want a better life you need a better operating system.

Brain scans Before and After THE HARLEQUIN EXPERIENCE

There is a process called Neuro-Feedback, which MAPs and trains the FUNCTION of the Brain.

It uses State of the Art EEG technology. I have personally mapped willing participants with this EEG Technology, before and after each process through The Harlequin Experience and the changes are dramatic and amazing.

This shows in no uncertain terms how our thoughts and our mind changes our brain.

This is not speculation, this is not opinion, this hard evidence. The EEG does not have an opinion, it simply reads what is there.

Let me show you some MAPs that I have personally done before and after each step through THE HARLEQUIN EXPERIENCE and you be the judge.

The Harlequin Experience


Before The Harlequin Experience

The Harlequin Experience


After The Harlequin Experience

This is a deep area on its own and if you would like to know more about this, contact our office, we look forward to hearing from you.

And all of this without even doing any Neuro-Feedback, without actually “Training the Brain” directly. These results are purely from going through The Harlequin Experience.

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