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The Harlequin Experience will Transform your Relationships

I want to know you. I want to know what makes you tick. I want to know what excites you. I want to know your hopes, your dreams and your fears? I want to know.
This is important to me, because, this is important to you. The more I know about you, the more I can do for you, so that you can get what you want.


*If you would like to learn the deepest secrets to your relationship success, I urge you to read this all the way to the end.

Relationships might be the reason why we are here, on this planet.

Relationship is the greatest endeavour of our lives.
From the time we take our first breath, relationships keeps us alive. Without the relationship of mother and child we would die.

As we grow up we constantly seek relationship. We seek friends and we seek a relationship with our father and our mother. We are constantly trying to work out how this game of relationship is played. Besides breathing and staying alive, this is the most important area of your life. Your survival and success depends on it.

Relationships are everywhere, from home to work. This is why, the better you are at relationships, the more successful you will be in all areas of your life. This is why rejection and break up affect us so profoundly. Your biology and ancient wiring still believes that if you are rejected from the group (your tribe) you will die.

Back in the day, before we had electric fences and the world was still wild, if you got rejected from your tribe, it meant almost certain death. If not by a hungry wild animal, then from exposure to the elements.

We need each other, we long for each other. You want someone to care for you and you want to care for others. This is just part of being human. You need to get this part of your life handled.


Unique types of Relationship

When it comes to “Relationship” there are 11 unique types of relationships. I’m not going to go into all of them here, this requires a book on its own just to illustrate the various types. I am being very general here, so, when I refer to the idea of “relationship” I simply mean: the interaction inside yourself and your interaction with others. Both aspects of internal and external relationship needs to be examined.

Your internal relationship, is the one that you have with yourself, which is the most important one. This relationship is full of interesting peaks and valleys. You have high points and you have low points. You have thoughts and you have emotions and there is a constant internal dialogue going on inside you. This inner dialogue determines your state and how you handle your thoughts, frustration, fear, anger and happiness etc… You will need excellent mental and emotional strategies to handle your internal relationship.

Your external relationships, are the interactions with others.
For example: With a boss, a co-worker and an employee, your friends, your children and your intimate partner etc… You even have an internal and external relationship with money and you will need step by step techniques to handle these relationships.

The Harlequin Experience covers all of these aspects, in great detail. The programme covers all the conventional (basic) ways that we run our relationships and then it takes you beyond them. The Experience shows you another way and takes you to a much higher level of relationship. After you have had your “BreakThrough” to coin a phrase, you will be motivated and inspired by the possibility of what your relationships will be. Even after just completing the first part of The Harlequin Experience (BreakThrough) you will have actionable techniques, tools and strategies to get and keep your inner and outer relationships on track. Chalice (the second component) takes you even further.

This is just one of the many ways, how The Harlequin Experience transforms your relationships – ALL of your relationships.

It is time to face the painful reality

Relationships are amazing, but if you stay at the basic level and do not get this area of your life handled, you will suffer and you usually suffer in silence. Let’s be honest, I know that we do not want to admit this to ourselves, because it is just too painful.

When you lose a relationship, it is devastating. In an instant, the carpet is pulled out from under your feet and you are flooded with all kinds of emotions and thoughts. Fear kicks in. The fear of loss and the fear of starting all over again. You question your self-worth and the thought of starting all over again is overwhelming. This hurts. “When it hurts, it is time to grow”

If you do not get your relationships handled, you will not have any of the certainty, security and comfort that you desire. You will not be able to live as authentically as you would like, because you will be constantly questioning yourself and your actions, living with more bad times than good times. As you lose your connection and significance in your relationship, you will argue way more than you should, about things that do not even make sense and you will be very unhappy. This just gets worse as you fight to be “seen” and fight to be heard. All you want, is to be acknowledged, accepted and LOVED.

Not getting your relationships handled costs you a very high price. It costs you your present and it costs you a lot more well into your future. It costs you money, it costs you time, freedom and it costs you emotional trauma and suffering. These are very high expenses, which you cannot afford to pay.
When you DO get your relationships handled, life is just a lot easier. You feel safe and secure, you are more fulfilled and happy. When you get your relationships handled, you feel powerful and that nothing can knock you off your game. You are certain and filled with confidence, self-esteem and self-respect. This gives you the foundation to have the influence that you desire to truly succeed. As your relationships skills improve, you can surround yourself with the type of people that you want in your life and your business. Knowing that you have the support that you need to achieve your goals and be happy. When you get your relationship life handled everything just falls into place and you can handle anything. – This is a powerful place to be.

It is really not that hard to get this area of your life handled. All you need is a little guidance and support. This is what BreakThrough and The Harlequin Experience does, it supports you. It does not break you down or make you bad and wrong. No, it heals you and treats you with respect and supports you to your next level. It creates a community of support and isn’t that what we all want?

We All Want :

We All Want :

Say this to yourself, I want:

If you really want these things, then now is the time to do something about it. You can no longer say “I don’t know how”. If you are reading this, then you know that there is another way and you no longer have any excuses. The Harlequin Experience is an in-depth programme into the ultimate relationship – The relationship that you have with yourself. Fix this and you will fix all other relationships. It is not your fault that your situation is the way that it is, because you did not know any better. However, if you do nothing with this, then whatever happens from now on, is your fault.

If you want to stop that feeling in the pit of your stomach and stop the noise or that quite whisper in the back of your mind, then now is the time to do something about it.

It is really not that hard to get this area of your life handled. All you need is a little guidance and support. This is what BreakThrough and The Harlequin Experience does, it supports you. It does not break you down or make you bad and wrong. No, it heals you and treats you with respect and supports you to your next level. It creates a community of support and isn’t that what we all want?

The opposite SEX

Everything inside you says: “Go talk to them”. There is an invisible elbow poking you in the ribs, nudging you.
Your feet almost shuffle on the floor, but something else stops you. Just like the invisible elbow there is an invisible force field holding you back. Like two strong magnets opposing each other.
The interplay between boys and girls is entertaining – NOW!
Back then it was downright terrifying.

What is going on here? My body says YES, my mind says NO.
It is simple, you are conflicted. Your socialisation goes against your nature. Your nature fights for survival, but your nurture (your conditioning) fights for reputation and safety. There are invisible forces at play here, even before a relationship is even possible. Not everyone gets past this and for those of us who do, we still navigate with a white stick, swinging it in the pitch black darkness, hoping that we will meet someone who “gets us”. It takes every ounce of your courage to take that first step.

Take a moment and think back to your early days, before puberty. Remember the first time that you started interacting with other children and the opposite sex. Remember those feelings? Remember the thoughts running through your head? Do you remember how you felt and what was going on in your head and body? Remember the first time that you made that call or waited by the phone, hoping for the phone to ring?
Think about all of those times.
This is the foundation of your relationship skills.

If you would like an in-depth look into the opposite sex, you need to do this workshop immediately. The Harlequin Experience will:

The Harlequin Experience is the number 1 self-mastery programme in South Africa.

If relationships are so important then why are we not schooled in them?

“Why are relationships not taught in school, or by our parents?”

The answer is simple: Because, they do not know the intricate details of relationship, no one taught “them” and remember, we are all expected to just know. You are expected to just “pick it up”, as you grow up. You are expected to go to social events and bump into other people and just by mere contact, contract relationship skills like they are the flu. We only figure out, just enough to be around each other without being rejected. Playing a strange game of not being ourselves, but rather the game of being whatever “they” want me to be so that I do not get rejected.

Those who are rejected, find each other and form their own circle of friends, their own tribe, and their own safety. Of course if you look different to anyone else you are labelled as strange. People are strange. We are all different and deep down we are all the same.

It is a miracle that we get this area of our lives as “right” as we do.
You are expected to just know what to do and how to do it. You are expected to have a happy, healthy relationship and to run it perfectly. There is this constant whisper in your ear: “Do not make a mistake, do not mess this one up and do not make the family look bad”.

Who Showed You?

It is crazy to realise this. Who really showed you how to make friends or how to make relationships work?

I am not talking about the subtle suggestions, empty words of encouragement or even the embarrassing teasing from your parents and friends, because they felt just as uncomfortable as you. The so called sex education at school is practically pointless, besides those awkward moments of silence and giggling, it is an anatomy class and basic principles of reproduction. Which most teenager is already aware of by the time this has even become a topic of discussion on the curriculum. I knew all of that before I was 8 years old and with the internet now, everything, including hard core porn is available at the click of a mouse. I am asking who really showed you. Who spent at least 2 hours a day with you just on this topic, before you hit puberty?
Who would sit you down and answered your most pressing questions and taught you the most important lessons of your life?

I am talking about a mature, open and honest mentor, a teacher, a master of the relationship universe. Someone who could teach you every step of the way, at every appropriate moment…

Do not fool yourself that school or your loving parents taught you everything there is to know about relationships and sex. Do not fool yourself that you got this all handled.

What do you do when everything goes to hell?
What do you do when your emotions get the better of you?
What do you do when everything that you think works, stops working?

You find yourself saying and doing things that do not really make sense, but you are flooded. You are flooded with emotions. You are angry, frustrated and afraid of losing them. What else can you do? This is not your fault, no one taught you any better. Well, it may not be your fault, but it is now your responsibility. It is your responsibility to fix this and make this right.

It is time to pull your head out of the sand and get real with the most real area of your life. Your relationships.

Something to try

Try this: The next time you have an opportunity to talk to your partner, ask them:
“Babes, (the one I love) what one thing could I do for you that would make you love me more”?
Now, observe their response. This will be interesting and I suggest that you have fun with this. This is already a strange question to ask the one you love and they will often be suspicious…
Watch their body language very carefully and listen to their response.
They will make eye contact with you and they will be gauging your body language and voice tone.

Warning: This is only to open a conversation, not a reason to go to war and have a big fight. Based on the response that you get, you can have a conversation. If you feel that this may escalate in an unsatisfactory manner, then simply let them know that you were reading something and you wanted to try something new. Then immediately move on to something else and what you normally both do.

Note: This is something to try and then see where it takes you. If it opens doors and deepens your connection then fantastic, you can see how knowing more about relationships really works. If, however you feel that this could go in the other direction and may cause friction, then you know that there is a lot to do. Either way you will know where you got this from and where you can find more answers to your relationship puzzle.

For more tips, techniques and relationship strategies, if you have not already signed up for your FREE guide series.

The Harlequin Experience

I Believe in the Fairy Tale

I am a believer in the magic of relationships. I have a profound and deep caring for you and for humanity. I want everyone on this planet to be fulfilled and happy.

I believe that there is a soul mate out there for everyone. I believe that you are worth it and that you are worth fighting for. This is probably why I am so passionate about the state of our relationships. It hurts me to see others in pain and I want to stop the pain and heal the hurt.

There was a time in my life where nothing about relationships made sense. It was not that I could not get a relationship, I have had many. It was not that my relationships were bad, in fact all of my relationships have been awesome, even the bad ones. I am simply letting you know that I know what it is like. I know how you feel. I have been there, through all the glory, the pain and the suffering and I want to help. I know that there is another way, I know that this part of your life can be healed.

Many years ago, as I was attempting to navigate my way through this relationship swamp, I knew that there was more to the common relationship. I knew that relationships are supposed to be awesome, but something was missing. I could not put my finger on it and nor could my girlfriend, we were both lost, doing our best to keep it together. As I felt my relationships dying, I knew that something was wrong and I could not stop it. I could feel it in my bones, like you can feel a storm coming in.

I read books and asked for advice, but what I received was just the everyday common advice that simply does not work. It did not work, we broke up. Not because we did not love each other. Not because we were fighting all the time, actually we almost never fought. It was because we simply did not know any better. I did not know any better and neither did she. We did not know how to fix it. We were both doing our best with the worst information and the least relationship experience.

The situation was abysmal and as much as we would not like to admit it, it is like this for 96.7% of the population.

We are all sitting on deck chairs watching the storm roll in and no one is willing to admit that something is wrong and that the storm is coming.

Without an umbrella or a rain coat, you are going to get very wet.

The best advice is useless

Why is this so? Because most of the “advise” is the common everyday mush that we all already know and that we already use and it does not work. How can I say this? Just look at the latest divorce statistics. Between 45% to 78% of first marriages end in divorce and 24% of those left (4 out of 20) end in permanent separation. 83% of those left (18 out of 22) are very unhappy, dissatisfied and frustrated. This leaves plus minus 4 out of 100 people (less than 4%) who have fairly good, satisfying, happy and healthy relationships. This is real and this is scary.

This does not even take regular relationships and breakups into account, those statistics must be off the charts. This tell us that at least 96% of what we know about relationships and what we use to run our relationships is useless. Okay, let’s not be that pessimistic, let’s be generous and use the Pareto Principle of 80/20. Now only 80% is useless and 20% is worth something. This is still pitiful.

Or should we be even more generous and double the worthwhile percentage? This means that only 40% of what we know about relationships is worth something and even if we use the entire 40% (which we don’t) this still means that we are running our relationships at 40%. This is appalling, awful and dreadful.

This is not even a pass mark for an exam. We all know that our standards are dropping, but do you really want to drop your standards when it comes to the most important part of your life? When you drop your standards, they drop theirs. When standards fall, they leave you. Or maybe you leave them. Either way it is easier to blame them for dropping their standards. What about your standards?

Are you willing to risk this with the most important and precious relationships in your life? Are you willing to risk this with your husband, your wife, your children, your girlfriend or your boyfriend?

I would not take this risk.
What are your relationships worth to you?
What would it be worth to get this part of your life handled?

Relationships and Meditation

Because our biology naturally drives us for relationship, we think that relationships are in our DNA. They are not. Just like breathing and meditation. Breathing is natural, we all do it, but with meditation we take charge of this automatic process. So, we can take charge of this process of relationship. You can take charge of your DNA and your natural drive to seek relationship and steer your boat to your own promised land.

After going through this material you will have a different perspective and you will be able to see how this is playing out in every single interaction around you. See, if you can observe this need for relationship around you and the many different ways that people or your children use to get attention. Some will be grumpy and brash and others will be overly nice. There are many different ways to get attention, what’s yours?

To the Moon and Back

We have discovered so many secrets to the universe, we have been deep under water and to the moon. We have been running around this earth for so long and we know more about the planets and the stars than we do about ourselves. Isn’t this strange?

I knew that there was more to this relationship puzzle when I first tried to solve my own relationship issues. I was convinced that I could do something about it. I knew that there was treasure out there and that I was going to find it.

What I have discovered about relationships, has shocked and amazed me. I have discovered that there are real, tangible answers to our biggest challenges. At first it seemed like these answers were covered in secrecy and hidden behind a thick veil only available to a privileged few. It was as if there was a secret society hiding these secrets from us, scattering them all over the planet, because these secrets gave the person who possessed them too much power.

It turns out that the answers are out there and some of them are really “out there”. They are not hidden behind thick doors or in some cave somewhere or locked in a single treasure chest like some ancient artefact in an India Jones movie. No! They are not all in one place, they are scattered around in different places like pieces to gigantic puzzle. I had to search for them, piece by piece, one piece at a time and like building a massive puzzle I had to take each piece, and construct the picture.

I would not say that I have found every piece of the puzzle, humans are far too interesting and complex to say that I know everything about how we work, but I have found a lot of the pieces. For each piece that works, I have probably tried at least 10 to 50 different pieces that do not.

I discovered that there are three major decisions running our lives. These are three major decisions that you made a long time ago which have been running your life, your whole life, without you even knowing it. Without knowing what these three primary decisions are, they will continue to run your life and the results of these three basic decisions are usually catastrophic. These three decisions are at the root of every break up, heartache, fear, frustration and stress that we ever feel.

I have now put this puzzle together for you, into one simple and easy to use package. In just three evenings and one day, you can completely transform your relationships.

You might be a nice person, sure, but unless you have done a substantial amount of work in this area you will not solve the significant challenges that you will face in this area of your life.

The Harlequin Experience will Transform Your Relationships

Through The Harlequin Experience, we dive much deeper into the inner workings of you and all relationships. Through the workshops we go way beyond simple techniques, we get to the real meat of relationships. How they work, why they work this way, what to do and how to have a real powerful relationship.

I have spent years of my life figuring out this relationship puzzle. I have been “to the moon and back” for you and I want you to have what I’ve discovered.
It is so worth it.
This is worth way more than the tiny investment that you will make, I guarantee it and I stand by my word. If you feel that this was not even worth your time, I will double your money, no questions asked. We have created various package options to best suit you, packed with bonuses, complete with our 200% money back guarantee. You will still get all the bonuses etc… and you will get the experience for FREE. You can’t lose, it is a no brainer.

Right now, you may feel that you are at a cross road. 
What you do next will define you and it will determine whether you are either just interested in this topic or if you are actually committed to your life.
This might scare or excite you. Well, if something does not scare or excite you, even just a little bit, then it is probably not worth your time.
“When it hurts, it is time to grow”

Do not think about this any longer.
Places are limited. We only take 18 participants per workshop.
The longer you wait, the more you will miss out.
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