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How can Personal Development
Make Me Rich?


How is it possible that THE HARLEQUIN EXPERIENCE can make you Healthy?


How THE HARLEQUIN EXPERIENCE impacts your Relationships


THE HARLEQUIN EXPERIENCE is a cutting edge Human Development Programme.

It is the Rolls Royce of personal development and is  The Premium Personal Development Programme in South Africa.

THE HARLEQUIN EXPERIENCE is a Self-Mastery Programme, designed to get you back on track and take you to a whole new level.

It is a Workshop or a Skill-Shop, which helps you increase your Confidence, increase your Self-Esteem and your Happiness. This is to make sure that you succeed in all three major categories of your life: Business, Health and your Relationships.

THE HARLEQUIN EXPERIENCE is one programme, which is divided into two unique parts.

The first part is now called: BreakThrough and the second part is called Chalice and together they make up THE HARLEQUIN EXPERIENCE. It is divided into two parts because of the time frame, like a long movie having an intermission in the middle. It would be crazy to cover everything all in one go.

THE HARLEQUIN EXPERIENCE is not a seminar, nor is it a death by power point presentation, it is a Workshop or more like a Skill-shop – Actually it is more than just a workshop, it is an experience!

It is a NO B.S approach to the real issues that we all face in our real lives.

It is not some production where we sit on cushions, in a circle, around a tree, hold hands and sing kumbaya.

NO! This is real. This is a tangible and measurable programme, laser focused to your specific needs.

This Experience deals directly with your biggest challenges and solves your most pressing problems, with real life skills and tools which you will use every single day for the rest of your life.

What makes THE HARLEQUIN EXPERIENCE so special?

There are many things which separates THE HARLEQUIN EXPERIENCE from everything else out there.

This is just the beginning of what separates THE HARLEQUIN EXPERIENCE from anything else available in the country.

If realises one thing last night (actually I realised quite a few things but still), it is that each one of us got to live out different aspects of the experience this week. You guys reminding me of the aspects you faced, your realities, helped me refresh some of the important principles that I wasn't focused on
The Harlequin Experience
BreakThrough opened my eyes. I never believed in myself, but now I believe - with conviction. I always believed I had to keep the world out, but I was just keeping myself in. BreakThrough allowed me to reclaim my smile and my life. A heartfelt thank you to Andrew and his team.
The Harlequin Experience


Believe it or not, but there was a time when I thought that human development and any kind of personal and self-development was a load of rubbish – Damn, was I wrong…

I discovered that Development is amazing and that it is mainly tools for me to get what I really want. After I realised that development is the key to lifelong fulfilment, inner peace and happiness, I was hooked and I went searching.

I attended every workshop that I could and I mean every workshop, on any topic, I even did a 5 Year course on Practical Jungian Psychology (Which was “Interesting” to say the least). I studied all my experiences and I worked hard to really get what they offered.

Out of all of my experience and attending other courses, workshops and seminars and then traveling the world (well, not the whole world…) searching for more, I discovered that The Harlequin Experience is simply, the best.

It is the most potent, the most real and it is the one that I use every single day of my life. It is the one experience that everything else builds upon. As you go through the site and our videos, I will tell the whole story of how this all came about and why I find myself now facilitating this amazing and powerful experience.

We need this so badly

Our country is in trouble, we are in trouble.

We all know that the world has changed and it is going to change even more and we are not prepared for it.

Just think about it for a moment.

Even from a weather perspective: We are having floods in Gauteng and drought in Cape Town. We are having heat waves and cold spells and even tornados in South Africa, this is crazy. Our economics are not the same and without us doing something about it, we are heading for a collapse.

We are already battling and we are not prepared for the future that is coming. We are not even prepared for what is going on right now.

Our current system is failing us and is not geared to solve our most pressing issues. Our ancient, out of date system is still trying to catch up to a problem which is accelerating away from it.

Our current systems are at least 20, maybe 30 years behind and the gap is just getting bigger, not smaller.

If you do not see this going on, then the problem is even bigger than I can imagine and we are living with our heads in the sand, hoping that it will go away – And it won’t.

Bad News: Without us doing something about it, it will just get worse.

Question: What are you doing about it?

What are you doing to make your situation better?

We all need to play a much bigger game, the one where our dreams become reality and the world is a safe place.

Where our financial dreams are achieved and where we are fit, healthy, happy and fulfilled and our society actually works.

Imagine if our entire society was engaged in real tangible development – We would be sky rocketing.

  • Article excerpt: Andrew Meyer

Is it Worth It?

Yes, this is SO worth it.

We have become so sceptical, so complacent and so apathetic that we start to wonder: Is it worth it? Is it even worth doing anything?

If we do nothing, then nothing will get better, it just keeps getting worse.

We all worry that we are going to be sold some sort of snake oil and worry that this will not work for me? We are worried that we will be taken for a ride and that it’s not worth it.

Damn, I have been there. I have wasted so much money and wasted so much time and effort going to and investing in those B.S courses and seminars which simply, did not work for me. I am also now jaded.

Hell, I’m amazed that some of those guys are even in business and I was one of those fools who spent money to sit in a room with them at some overpriced venue, trying to look cool.

I decided then and there that I never want to be associated with any of that – EVER.

I made a commitment, that if anything that we put out was not worth at least twice as much to ten times the value, then we would not do it.

This is why we can offer the highest value and the best guarantee in the industry.

We are so confident that this is for you, that we are willing to make the most outrageous and best guarantee in the industry, with less than no risk to you.

The Be Limitless Group offers a 200% money back guarantee on The Harlequin Experience and they throw in a whole lot of extra bonus materials, for free.

It is of such high value and such an incredible guarantee that no one else is even willing to offer this kind of guarantee in fear that they may not deliver on their promise.

Why is THE HARLEQUIN EXPERIENCE so effective?​

THE HARLEQUIN EXPERIENCE is the peak of over Thirty Years of Results Based Development Work.

Working with literally thousands of different people, over the last thirty years we have refined this process and constantly update it, to make sure that it meets your needs.

Because we keep our groups small and personal you get individual attention which is crucial to getting the maximum out of the Experience so that you get exactly what you are looking for.

BreakThrough and Chalice are flexible and dynamic, in other words, they are not textbook driven, but rather driven by your needs. Through the presentation and the process of Question and Answer, you actually get the relevant information, tools and the experience that you need, right now, rather than later.

Yes, of course there is a framework, we do not run around waving our arms in the air, jumping from topic to topic. Don’t be crazy!

Each workshop is systematic, specific and measurable and naturally progresses your experience.

Without applied experience, things do not get better, they actually get worse.

Our lives do not get better by chance, they get better by change.

Through delivering relevant Information and you having the Experience of how this applies to you in the real world you will not only have massive insight and realisation, you will gain the crucial knowledge of how it applies to your life. You will become a much better negotiator, improve your problem solving skills, be associated with like-minded people, have the influence that you desire and achieve your biggest goals.

With these new skills you will design the life that you truly desire.

This is the BreakThrough and Chalice takes you to a whole new level.

How does it work?​​

The Harlequin Experience employs multiple modalities of Learning and Teaching.

Among many others it incorporates cutting edge Success and Achievement technologies.

This multi-layered style is so unique and so effective that this has now become known as “The Harlequin Method”.
This Method quickly moves you from information to understanding and then transports you to a state of knowing.

These are distinct levels of learning which are discussed directly within BreakThrough. This will give you a much clearer picture of What this is, Why it is important and How to apply it.
This makes the “The Harlequin Method” accurate, predictable and reliable.
For certain sure, this is not school, nothing like it at all.
The Harlequin Experience is fun, engaging and packed with practical tools to get your life on track – Your way.

Experience is IMPORTANT​​​

Having an Experience is Key.
Experience is the path to wisdom. Unfortunately you cannot get this from a book or just by watching a DVD. Sure you can read about a lot of things and how to do things, but without the actual experience you will never “know” things… The information is out there and you can read all about the principles, but this is still just information and you would have to go through thousands of different books just to find all the gold nuggets. It would take you years or decades of constant reading and study, thousands of lost hours and would cost you a small fortune (as it has me) to even come across what is important, let alone learn how to apply it.
But, without the experience of knowing what you are looking for, you would you be able to pick out what is truly needed?
I have done all the hard leg work for you. I have found the gold for you and I have packaged it up neatly into a condensed package, just for you. I have developed a potent delivery system and a Method to deliver it to you to make sure that you get the best and the most out of it.

Let me explain more…
You see, what you read, get taught or told, you tend to forget, what you experience or learn, you will NEVER forget.
Because we learn best through actual experience, like riding a bike or learning to swim. No matter how much you read about riding a bike you will never be able to actually ride a bike. However, once you climb on a bike and get the actual experience of riding a bike, you learn how to ride a bike and that you never forget. Think about it.
Think back to the time when you first learnt how to ride or swim. Think about the beginning of that process.
Or maybe not, not all of us have good memories about our first time on a bike or in a pool, but once you learn how to ride or swim, you never forget and you can do it forever.
In other words, once your brain learns how to ride a bike or swim, you never forget how.
It is just that simple and it’s that amazing.

You will never forget THE HARLEQUIN EXPERIENCE and it will be something that you will remember for the rest of your life.

You would be Missing Out​

There was a time where The Harlequin Experience was going to end.

Because of the profound impact that it made on me, my family, my friends and so many others, I made a commitment to not let that happen.

My intention is to show you how brilliant we are, how wonderful and amazing we are.

I want us all to have a great life, full of fun, joy and happiness.

This is why, if I did not bring this profound experience to you, then you would be missing out and I would be doing you and me a great disservice.

I can't explain exactly what happened to me on the Breakthrough course EXCEPT that afterwards I felt like someone who broke out of prison. The most surprising thing for me was that I didn't even realise that I was a "prisoner". If I can recommend the BREAKTHROUGH experience to anyone, I will do so!! I will gaurentee that if you complete this experience, that you will never have to visit another psychologist or therapist in your life again, since THE BREAKTHROUGH deals with Everything in your life! Known and Unknown. Past. Present and future. I will stay grateful to Andrew and everyone involved with my experience for being gentle guides to my UNEXPECTED FREEDOM.
The Harlequin Experience

How long does it take to get these results?​

Simply – 3 evenings and a day.

By the end of BreakThrough you will have taken your life to a whole new level and Chalice will take you even higher.

This means different things to different people. It could be in any of the major areas of life, Money/Finance, Health (both physical and mental) or for your Relationships (both personal and intimate relationships).

Mostly, you will see dramatic improvements in all of these categories.

The Harlequin Experience deals with so many things and it is so effective, because it deals with the one thing that effects everything in your life – YOU!


In just three short evenings and a day you can seriously change your life.

The Process​

Even though we refer to BreakThrough and Chalice as “workshops” they are better described as a process.

Like baking a cake or making really good delicious food. It’s a process and once you start baking it is not a good idea to stop in the middle of mixing the dough. The same is true here. BreakThrough is the first cake or process and then Chalice is the next cake and another process.

Once you start the process, don’t stop.
Each workshop spans four days, well three evenings and a day, because during the week we only run in the evenings.

Time and Place​​

We run at a very private venue in Linbro Park.

Due to traffic trends and that we all work, it is most convenient to run this in the evenings.

Let’s face it, if we started at 18:00 it would run very late due to the amount of “stuff” we have to get through. If we started at 17:00 you would need to leave work a little early anyway and most lightly get stuck in traffic and be very late. So to avoid all this we start at 16:00 and depending on the group, in most cases we are done by 23:30, sometimes earlier. Fridays we generally finish even earlier, between 21:00 and 22:30. Saturdays, we start at 09:00 and we are done by 17:30.

In most cases, it is common that companies will let you leave early or give you the day off to do a development workshop (which will also benefit them in the long run). There are many companies that contract us and pay for their employees to go through the full experience.

These are the smart companies and they are the ones that do very well long into the future.

(For more details on this contact us and ask how this works)

Some say that it’s late and that they will never stay awake that long.

Don’t doubt yourself, I have faith in you. We have never had anyone fall asleep through The Harlequin Experience. It is just far too exciting and engaging.

Of course,  some “people” are really not interested in making themselves our our country a better place. They see these times as an inconvenience and want this to happen from 08:00 to 17:00.

They want their company to send them.

They want to get free days off work.

They consider this to be “training” and not in their best interest.

They want to get a book, go over some content and go home.

Then they get to tick it off as some or other useless seminar or training.

This is the perspective of… Dare I say it? Of a taker and of someone who is not really interested in making themselves or our country any better, but rather, they expect a pay cheque at the end of the month, because they arrived at work at 08:00 and left at 17:00…

I learnt a long time ago, that I can’t please everyone all of the time.

The Harlequin Experience is NOT just some or other seminar or training, but I think that I’ve already covered that.

This Experience is for those who are serious about their lives and our country and we take that very seriously.

Do not let any excuses get in your way. Do not do that to yourself, be good to yourself this time.

You see, if this is important to you, you will find a way, if it is not that important, then you will find an excuse. It really is that simple.

Stem saam, ek maak dit my missie om ander mense buite ons groepie daar te kry ..... hierdie is 'n lewens geskenk wat niemand ooit weer kan wegneem nie, ek weet wat het dit vir my beteken, en weet dit kan ander mense help..... een van die weirdste stories wat ek aan die begin gehoor het, is van twee mense wat getroud was, en in plass daarvan dat hulle verhouding verander het, is hulle geskei, maar vandag beste vriende. Hulle kon deur Harlequin Experience besef dat hulle dalk nie veronderstel was om bymekaar te wees nie, maar hulle kon vriende bly. Vandag kan ek met trots sê dat my beste vriendin ook die kursus gedoen het, en al is ons nie meer vandag bymekaar nie, kan ek nie vir 'n beter vriendin vra nie, ek bespreek alles met haar wat in my lewe aangaan, as ek goeie raad soek, weet ek met wie om te gesels ..... danksy Harlequin Experience het ek nie my beste vriendin vir altyd verloor nie
The Harlequin Experience
Annelie & Woenie

How do I Grab my Spot?

Well, it is actually very easy and simple.

We have created various package options to best suit you, packed with bonuses and complete with our 200% money back guarantee.

If you want in on this amazing journey, then smash the “let me in” button now (just click on it). Choose your package and book your seat on the next Harlequin Experience.

Places are limited so do not sit around and think about it for too long.

The longer you wait, the more you will miss out.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

If you need any further assistance or have any unanswered question, then just pick up the phone and calls us on: 082 695 6683

If this does not give you a clear picture of The Harlequin Experience, then please, have a look around the entire site, read everything and watch all of the videos, this will give you a clear picture and a good feeling of what this is all about. I really want you to get this.

This is the best thing for you so, grab it.

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