Harlequin experience helped me to understand myself and the people around me better. It took my marriage to a deeper level. We speak the same language now and we are able to work through problems in a much better way.


My Harlequin experience allowed me to take my life back from the hands of fate. It made me realise there is no need to change the path I walk, but that I can change the way I walk it. That it is possible to tread the road of progress and still enjoy the pleasures along the way.

Harlequin was no once of experience that moulded me from one form to another and, despite the words of those around me, I could see no immediate change to who I was. But in time, I noticed that through small changes in the way that I approached my problems, I could guide the direction my life was leading.

With the foundation that this experience gave me, I can finally take credit for all that I accomplish and have a F**kton of fun every step of the way.


How do you describe something that is life changing? Before my Harlequin experience I was not in charge of my life and I didn’t know how anyone could be in charge of their life. But now after completing my Harlequin experience I know that every single person can take back charge of their life. I am so thankful for the team at Be Limitless for supporting me and giving me the tools to be able to not just say it but actually take charge of my life once again. I look forward to going even deeper in the realm of self-mastery.


Explaining my harlequin experience is no easy task. I used to carry this backpack. It was quite light at first and as the years went on it kept getting filled with bricks. Sometimes a brick a day or many bricks in a day. Breakthrough turned those bricks into leaves and chalice helped me get rid of this backpack. I walk around with no weight of the world upon my shoulders, instead I smile. The best part is, I did this all myself.. The tools and processes through this experience supported me to do this. I was the only person putting bricks in my backpack and I was the only one carrying the backpack, therefore I was the only one who could get rid of it and I did just that.


“I discovered even more than I knew I was looking for. I’m now equipped with both greater self-awareness and powerful mental strategies when connecting with others.”⁠


“You have the power to create whichever life you want.”

The Harlequin experience not only embraced me with this excellent and true format for my life; it also gave me multiple tools to explore my world with. This process stretched, loved, and provided the space for some of the biggest and most cherished growths I have been able to experience. The Harlequin experience houses a platform of integrity; flexibility; and most of all – personal freedom. I have learned what it means to love myself, and though the process is lifelong – I’ve never been more excited to live!

A journey to the stars starts at Harlequin.


“Trying to use words to describe my journey with Be Limitless and Harlequin seems almost impossible: How does one truly paint a picture which is so uniquely detailed to yourself, in a manner that allows the reader to truly get it?

In the simplest way possible, Be Limitless didn’t change my life – I did. This being said, Be Limitless offered me the platform and tools to do so. It was through the learning of how to master my own life that I grabbed the opportunity to tap into the parts of me that I had so elusively pushed to the sidelines, as I led a life that met so-called societal standards. It gave me the space and the experience to love these parts of me again. To own the bruises, the scars, the joys, and the successes. Who would have thought that simply learning who you actually are and claiming that, can instantaneously ignite your entire world?

It seems dumb, really, to think that we as fully grown human beings can so easily forget our essence and willingly stand by and watch our flames burn out.

Through my voyage with Be Limitless, I was equipped with the experience of taking off my foggy glasses and being able to look at life with a brand new set of eyes. I chose to change. I chose to be me. I chose to make hard choices that have led me to feel more than I ever knew existed. It was that easy.

Often times we don’t really know that our glasses are foggy until we take them off. Maybe we will see that they aren’t foggy at all, but just need a little clean, or maybe that they’re actually just fine. I guess you’ll never know until you take them off and have a proper look.”


“My Harlequin process transformed me from a lost and confused kid, into a capable, confident man, with a passionate vigour for life, and a fierce love for all who live it.

That being said, you know what the weird thing is?
It didn’t answer my questions, it equipped me to answer my own. It didn’t teach me what it was to be a man, it simply gave me the floor to discover what that means for myself.

It confronted me with my fear that I was too scared to see. It showed me my shame, that was too ashamed to look at. It gave me the opportunity to learn what courage tastes like, and what my own authenticity feels like. A sense of my own power, depth, and capability.

All this sounds great… And you know what the best part is?? IT DOESN’T WEAR OFF! about two and a half years later, this way of thinking has only grown more solid. It’s allowed me to be happier than I ever thought possible, have more meaningful relationships than I knew existed, and live a life more fulfilling than I could have ever dreamed possible.

Look. As old Rocky said: “it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, kid.”

It isn’t.

Though what has changed, is that I’m far more capable to surf the waves of life, instead of being rag-dolled by the incoming tide.

Your life is literally the biggest adventure you’ll ever have.

Why not give it a try?

If you dare 😉


“I went into these ‘life courses’ completely trusting LIFE, the Universe, and that my destiny was unfolding.  It was like Alice going down the rabbit hole and I fell back into it with complete trust.
What an experience!!
My life changed forever and I ‘shot out’ the other side like I had an awakening, like a re-birth and now I see life with a completely fresh and new approach.

Life is GREAT.  Thank you”


“I like the insights I sometimes get on workshops and the dreams they stir within me, but I hate the disappointment of when things kind of fizzle out when the hype is gone. I went to Breakthrough with an open mind, but a healthy dose of skepticism. It ended up being a real personal breakthrough. A part of me that I haven’t seen in years popped up. Chalice was hard, stirred up a lot of stuff. But without it, the breakthrough would not have been complete. Vista gave me a wider framework to build on – it revealed to me a paradigm of life that just made so much sense.

What about the fizzling out bit? Well, it probably would have… except that with this bunch you can choose to keep on engaging. You can build up a tribe around you that supports you to keep on working with your stuff. The weirdest thing is that when I made that choice, even the fizzling out of other things seemed to stop. What I became aware of through this experience, became a foundation that seems to make other meaningful things even more meaningful and lasting.

At any stage I can stop engaging, I can choose to stop seeing the patterns in me that hold me back. It will be easier. Less painful. But so dull. I never want dull again. I’ll choose the pain, the frustration every time because once you taste the exhilaration of life, the matrix loses its lustre.”


I NEVER thought it possible to take back my life!  I was a victim in so many ways (including being a victim due to myself), BUT it all changed the day I walked into the Breakthrough conference room.  I am now the VICTOR !  Victor over my circumstances, situations, relationships and thoughts.  This is an experience that no one can take away from me.  I got to know Lizelle again!  I got to dance with life again.  To me, this is that second chance in life.  I get to live the life I was supposed to live and be the whole person I’m supposed to be.   Eternally grateful to everyone who made it possible for me to have this opportunity.  Thank you Andrew, Zania and your amazing team.


I am definitely more aware of my behaviour and thoughts around people and I have learned to be more open-minded when I am in conversations with people since this can lead to better understandings and less conflicts in any relationships. This has motivated me and learned me that I am capable to be myself in any situation or environment. I can affect other people’s lives more positively when I am being myself especially when I don’t let my past run my life but let it be lessons to learn from. I feel more relieved when practicing these new skills and I take all these new ways as a foundation for my further. I realise that this course can and have already affected my life positively and I am curious to see what this experience can bring into my life and when I enter the work environment.  


The Harlequin Experience
The Harlequin Experience

‘Experience’ is the right word. Very different from any other experience I’ve ever had. Strange, almost disconcerting, at first. I felt like I didn’t ‘get’ some of the stuff, but as we progressed the pieces started falling into place and continued to do so after we finished. I now find myself looking at myself and situations differently – less guarded, but strangely more confident.


To find the words to describe my experience is not an easy task. I came into Breakthrough honestly thinking that I’m doing my best. This remains true for me in some instances, my son and work. So what else do I have left to give?

Then the penny dropped, who am I if not a mother and/or employee? Do I even have an idea?

I realized how much I have changed over time. How serious I am, how I allowed my past challenges and sufferings to not only cloud who I truelly am, but also helped me build a wall big enough to keep the pain and suffering out. Not allowing anyone close enough to hurt me. Even though the pain & challenges shaped me… everything that has happened in my past had a part to play in building my character & my strength. It is because of it that I have immense compassion for others. I realized that these huge walls I’ve built has kept not only pain out, but fun, happiness & love too. I have a lot to give, a lot of it is love… and I have kept that confined within my walls.

I now want to lead a more purpose driven life as I realized I have been playing it far too safe for too long, thanks to the awareness Breakthrough brought.

The challenge now is to break down the walls, let love back in and to share the fire within my soul.


The Harlequin Experience
The Harlequin Experience

Simply put, this is a subjective experience that produces objective results. For myself, I’ve always believed that life should be lived so intensely, so vividly, that a longer life or a second one seems unnecessary – BreakThrough gave me the tools to do so.


The Breakthrough experience was unlike anything I’ve experienced before and has given me a different outlook on life and what Ive been doing, taught me that I am in charge of my life and to take responseability for the outcomes of my decision instead of shifting blame


The Harlequin Experience
The Harlequin Experience

It was an emotional experience, but to meet people with such energy and no judgement, helping and supporting to break down barriers with strangers who have become friends was truly amazing and it truly is honour to be part of your transformation, I have been in such a positive headspace the last couple of days since breakthrough, I have this sense of absolute focus which I have not had in years, I get up with a smile in the mornings.


As an individual that came from severe bullying complicated and confusing upbrining, I can without a doubt say that this experience has changed what I believed was possible in my life. I now have tools to be able to confront, analyse and correct negative thought patterns, I’m able to control my anger and find the root of the problem, but the greatest gift I was given was to accept myself and take responsibility for my life and my choices, it’s the most freeing experience of my life. Thank you “Be Limitless” you far exceeded my expectations.


The Harlequin Experience
The Harlequin Experience

Mind over matter, your perception becomes your reality, you control your mind; it does not control you. These concepts I have understood intellectually but before this experience I never truly believed any of it. That’s the power of this experience for me; it made me FEEL things that I thought I understood before. It also showed me how strangers can be a part of something so monumental in your life and by giving people a chance, you can open a door to so much. Thank you.


What an experience! I whent to break through not knowing what to expect or what I was going to get out of the course. When I started to dig deeper during the time there, I felt progress being made within myself. I am very positive about what I can achieve in my life! It was an amazing experience showing people that I dont even know who I really am, and I am quite sure that some of my labels will change from now on forward.


The Harlequin Experience
The Harlequin Experience

Good morning. I just wanted to say that I can feel the difference in my life, and not just that but the people around me can also see the difference in me. I can finally stand up for myself, and I’m so proud of me, and of all of you


Going on the BREAKTHROUGH course for me was ripping the inner demons out & looking them straight in the  face/eyes.  Then I have a choice to CONFRONT them or run.

You gave me the tools to confront them & KiCK THEIR ASSESS…


That was the only 2things holding me back… 




The Harlequin Experience
The Harlequin Experience

I attended the Harlequin experience, completing both Breakthrough and Chalice earlier this year.

Although I attend many courses and workshops on personal development, and am an avid reader, the knowledge and insight I gained on this course exceeds anything I have learnt, read or experienced.

The methods are unique and appealed to my thirst for knowledge. This course requires that you participate in your entirety, cognitively, physically and emotionally. It challenges you to perceive the world through an entirely new lens, yet is neither dogmatic nor prescriptive. The application of the knowledge, or the insights are entirely at your own discretion, and this makes it an even more powerful experience, because through gentle encouragement to take ownership over your own life, your own decisions and your own actions, you leave the process with a tool kit that enhances every sector of your life – professionally, interpersonally and deeply personally.

I have remained connected to the organisation “Be Limitless” offering assistance wherever necessary, because I have seen and experience the positive impact it has on individual lives and therefore is sure to have on entire communities. 


Awesome! Done it a long time ago and it changed everything about life for me. Lovit!


The Harlequin Experience
The Harlequin Experience

It WILL change your mind


If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that it only takes one moment to change your life forever. To change your perspective, colour your thinking and force you to re-evaluate everything that you think you know.  To ask yourself tough questions like Do you know who you are? Do you know how your past experiences shape you? Is this how you want to live?
The Harlequin experience was that moment for me. Up to then I’ve never experienced so much love and support from complete strangers whose only goal was to see me succeed. These days life is hard and wonderful and completely authentic. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


The Harlequin Experience
The Harlequin Experience

The Harlequin Experience is one of the most incredible experience I have ever gone through in my hole life! It definitely change my life for the better, by showing me I can changing my mind about my attitude!
It is all presented with so much caring and love for the human being.


Morning Andrew and Zania, thanks again for an awesome time, you are such great and awesome people
Thanks for helping me getting my life back. May the universe bless you in abundance. The “rockstar”


The Harlequin Experience
The Harlequin Experience

Best money I have ever spend on myself. An experience with no price tag on it . I am using the tools from these workshops in my everyday life.


This may well be the best investment you will ever make in yourself. It sure was for me….


The Harlequin Experience
The Harlequin Experience

Most fantastic course anybody can do. Can completely and totally recommend it


Attending Harlequin was one of the best decisions in my life!!! I will never look back. Life changing experience!!!


The Harlequin Experience
The Harlequin Experience

I love every minute of it..this process really changes your life for the better and you will never look back..the love and support and new friends you make is priceless…thanks everyone…


Had the Most amazing time at Harlequin, you guys made me feel like I’m on top of the world! Thank you!


The Harlequin Experience
The Harlequin Experience

Doing this Experience is ABSOLUTELY worth it and there is no no Regrets!  I Feel free again.  I feel Ruan again.  Yes the simple, crazy and unique person that I was and still am, just came back to the surface.  We live in a world that is trying to control us.  In our work, In our relationships, In our private life, in our everyday life.  We need to take charge of those elements.  I am not saying do irresponsible things.  We still have responsibilities yes.  Take charge.  Make change.  Set your Mind right.  Not everything will go your way truth be told, the thing is…  What are you going to do to make it better and to make it to the best you can?


I want to thank you all for an amazing 4 days


The Harlequin Experience
The Harlequin Experience

I can’t explain exactly what happened to me on the Breakthrough course EXCEPT that afterwards I felt like someone who broke out of prison. The most surprising thing for me was that I didn’t even realise that I was a “prisoner”.

If I can recommend the BREAKTHROUGH experience to anyone, I will do so!!

I will gaurentee that if you complete this experience, that you will never have to visit another psychologist or therapist in your life again, since THE BREAKTHROUGH deals with Everything in your life!
Known and Unknown. Past. Present and future.

I will stay grateful to Andrew and everyone involved with my experience for being gentle guides to my UNEXPECTED FREEDOM.


If realises one thing last night (actually I realised quite a few things but still), it is that each one of us got to live out different aspects of the experience this week. You guys reminding me of the aspects you faced, your realities, helped me refresh some of the important principles that I wasn’t focused on.
We need to keep reminding each other. Sharing. Supporting.


The Harlequin Experience
The Harlequin Experience

As a person with both strength and warmth, Andrew was able to give personal attention to every participant; and was able to pinpoint each person’s abilities and assets, to give each of us the confidence to project these abilities. He believes in enabling success in each individual, by providing the tools we require to achieve this.

With his abilities, Andrew has helped me step outside my comfort zone and just be myself!

Realising that I don’t have to be the best, I just need to be myself. I learned that I am able to put myself out there and be truthful, and that it is worth it.

The acceptance, interaction, personal caring and continuous support, its beyond words can explain.


The experience was inexplicably rewarding. Im am responsible for myself and my choices. That is very empowering. I feel free and at peace. Thank you Andrew, Zania and the support group for a unforgettable and invigorating experience. Im ready for the next chapter!


The Harlequin Experience
The Harlequin Experience

In short…turn from nowhere into a Megan Trainor “Me Too”…also Megan Trainor’s “good to be alive”..Frina “Spectacular” Kleynhans


“Don’t deny yourself this experience. Just do it!”


The Harlequin Experience
The Harlequin Experience

Stem saam, ek maak dit my missie om ander mense buite ons groepie daar te kry ….. hierdie is ‘n lewens geskenk wat niemand ooit weer kan wegneem nie, ek weet wat het dit vir my beteken, en weet dit kan ander mense help….. een van die weirdste stories wat ek aan die begin gehoor het, is van twee mense wat getroud was, en in plass daarvan dat hulle verhouding verander het, is hulle geskei, maar vandag beste vriende. Hulle kon deur Harlequin Experience besef dat hulle dalk nie veronderstel was om bymekaar te wees nie, maar hulle kon vriende bly. Vandag kan ek met trots sê dat my beste vriendin ook die kursus gedoen het, en al is ons nie meer vandag bymekaar nie, kan ek nie vir ‘n beter vriendin vra nie, ek bespreek alles met haar wat in my lewe aangaan, as ek goeie raad soek, weet ek met wie om te gesels ….. danksy Harlequin Experience het ek nie my beste vriendin vir altyd verloor nie


The Harlequin experience is well worth every minute. There is no better way to describe the experience other than a premium self development initiative. I started the course thinking I was already aware of myself and my surroundings. I left the course realizing that there is so much more and it has left me with a hunger to learn more about myself and to better understand and help people around me and to spread more love and less cynicism.


The Harlequin Experience
The Harlequin Experience

The BreakThrough experience has definitely changed my way of thinking and the way I interact with others. When I was first told about the course, my reaction was ‘I am aware… I am fine…I don’t need this kak’. Boy was I mistaken. It amazed me how 4 days can completely change your life and your point of view. The love, support and friends that I have made are priceless. The skills and tools I now have are invaluable.


The Best experience of my life. For many years I went back to keep on learning and to assist. I still speak about my life experiences and remember with fondness as it steers me clearly.


The Harlequin Experience
The Harlequin Experience

What a life changing experience! 
If you want to take control of your life in all aspects then this is definitely for you. It’s the best investment I have made, and most valuable time I spent intensely working on myself! And the best is, the tools you learn are very easy to apply to your daily life and are not just a dust collector on the shelf 


Absolutely excellent way to live your life – has profoundly affected my life and my interactions with all ppl especially those closest to me….Give it a go!!!!


The Harlequin Experience
The Harlequin Experience

‘The size of the spark has nothing at all to do with the magnitude of the explosion ‘
The ‘Halequin Experience’ will rocket you into the here and now,THE PRESENT, and then beyond that, into the ozone layer and then beyond that into a space unbeknown to you and me and in that space you can create your life exactly as you choose to.The results ultimately depend on what you choose for YOUR life and how important you make yourself.
Many of us have heard the saying ‘You only live once’….I used to believe this, and today I say we live everyday,we only die once (in this lifetime) … Why not be thought of as one that makes a worthwhile contribution while alive to humanity in your own very extraordinary way and be thought of in the same way when we are no.longer here in the physical world.


The Harlequin Experience has opened my mind to a whole different dimension of thinking. I have learnt how to take my life back and with that came immense freedom.

Thank you to an incredibly talented team that made this happen.


The Harlequin Experience
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